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addressed the nation monday night to clarify the purpose of the u.s. mission in libya. >> i refuse to wait for the images of slaughter and mass graves before taking action. when our interests and values are at stake, we have a responsibility to act. that's what's happened in libya. >> reporter: the explanation comes more than a week after the u.s. military and a coalition of allies began military action to enforce the united nations backed no fly zone in the civil war torn country. president obama explained actions the united states has taken to protect the libyan people from the brutality of moammar gadhafi and u.s. policy going forward as nato takes control of the mission. >> we will deny the regime arms, cut off its supplies of cash, assist the opposition and work with other nations to hasten the day when gadhafi leaves power. >> reporter: both republicans and democrats have criticized the president's policy questioning the purpose, cost and possible consequences. the ranking republican on the senate armed services committee praised the president's remarks but said he didn't go far enou
already donated some candidates and i was able to get hold of a list of criteria they say they are using to choose the new chief. the police commission took public comments tonight. >> this is where you should look. >> reporter: they held their first round of secret interviews yesterday. >> we have some significantly strong candidates both internally and externally. we received 75 applications. >> reporter: some critics in the police department and community including the city supervisor are upset about the choices. >> if you look at the list of the senior members of the police department, captains of the police department who were given rejection notices without being interviewed i think that it's a mistake. >> reporter: they will say not have any candidates are being interviewed but they gave specific criteria to make the decision and today we got a hold of that list. experience or 10 years or more, experience with homicide cases, community policing, and an understanding of integration issues. >> we went out to community groups and met with the faith- based community could we went to e
shores. the bay area man that worked -- behind those walls tells us more about the plant. . >>> complete, bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >>> good evening, t. is thursday march 17th, i'm gasia mikaelian, this is bay area news at 7:00. moments ago a new report of smoke, rising from a damaged nuclear plant in japan. the officials say it could take weeks to stabilize the situation. helicopter crews work inside 40 minute shifts, dumping seawater. on the ground they tried using water cannons but they were forced back by levels. so far it is unclear what is causing this even's smoke. president barack obama had a seufpl -- this evening's smoke. president barack obama had a simple message. >> we do not expect harmful levels of radiation to reach the united states, if it is the west coast, hawaii, alaska or u.s. territories in the pacific. let me repeat that. we do not expect harmful levels of radiation to reach the west coast, hawaii, alaska or u.s. territories in the pacific. >> the nuclear fall out is our top story tonight at 7:00. john i
.a.h. to alert us. >> they got notice shortly after 11:00. >> that is unusual. the last time it was in san francisco the office of management sent out that alert at 11:19. by noon it was all over with no reports of damage. in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> you can see showers popping up across the bay area. the increase in the past half- hour or so. here is the latest imagery. parts of san francisco. brief rain and it looks like we will have rainfall picking up in the san rafael area with the yellows coming out to the west right now. and it is closetory san francisco. and on ocean beach. those yellows correspond with off shore and heavier downpours and thunderstorms not far off. four to six miles that you can see from the west of ocean beach. back the maps out once again, i will show you the activity. here is the wider perspective. scattered showers across the bay area. that is the case in the short term. coming up, shower chances for tomorrow. and also have the timing of another storm that will produce more rain and some very strong winds, that is coming up in a little bit. >>> t
scam involving thieves using glue on atm keyboards. >> reporter: at this bank of america, there are three atms and hundreds of customers. >> i use the touchscreen even more than the keypad. >> reporter: the police captain says criminal activity has been underway long before you get there. >> we have a suspect that will come out and blue the mechanical keys. >> reporter: the suspect lingers and waits. >> a victim will come up, enter the card, a pin number and hit enter and that key sticks. >> reporter: they went inside the bridge to complained and by the time they came out it was too late. >> the suspect uses the touchscreen and withdraws money. >> reporter: with 22 victims, he logged onto the computers sending a tweet warning residents about the crime. >> times are hard right now. >> reporter: police arrested a 6-year-old man who faces a number of charges including felony vandalism and theft. investigators did not say what led them to demand but more suspects could be out there. >> if your car does not come out of the machine, do not walk away could you can call us or cal
. >> reporter: beheaded the u.s. nuclear regulatory commission's he said all of the cooling water was gone -- the head of the u.s. nuclear regulatory commission said that all of the cooling water was gone from the spent fuel pool. >> i am deeply concerned that the nuclear plant situation is critical. >> reporter: people continue to stream out of the fukushima prefecture. what may have been is similar to the meltdown at 3-mile island. >> it is going to take days or maybe even weeks before we know. >> reporter: we have confirmed that u.s. department of energy experts are in japan right now and a that is tracking the radiation from the experts insist there is no risk to anyone in the u.s. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> secretary steven chu testified for several hours today looking into nuclear safety in the united states. two physicists from uc berkeley told the senators that the u.s. remains committed to nuclear power and will learn from the crisis in japan. >>> one lawmaker is calling for a seismic study. pg&e will renew its license even though it does not expire for 12 years. sam bl
, experts tell us about a resurgence of the h1n1 flu virus in contra costa county. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening. it is thursday, march 10. i am gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. >>> he said he did it for fun. a north bay high school student is lucky to be a life after surviving a jump from the golden gate bridge appeared he was on a field trip with 45 students and teachers. he leads at 11:15 a.m. it surfers came to his eight and brought him to shore appeared a high school junior was able to climb to the water -- from the water to a tower. one surfer said that the boy said he did it for fun. >> is a miracle. most folks do not survive this fall. it is the first survivor to walk away. >> to walk away is a miracle. >> the highway patrol is investigating whether he will face charges. >>> the san jose police unit has been saved due to budget cuts but as robert honda reports, it may be a rough ride. >> reporter: these are the only officers left in the san jose police mounted unit. these days the unit can only p
coverage but this is new developments at 7:00. we are live at the campus to show us what is happening right now. >> i think they are talking to us right now. this is what is going on right now. the standoff with riot police people here started a protest centered around eight students who are on a ledge and they are protesting the budget cuts that have been happening here at the university of california berkeley and the uc system as a whole. they have been doing that for the past, oh, six or 5 1/2 to six hours or so. finally it came to a head about right about 6:00 after the vice chancellor came out and spoke to the students and gave them a statement. here is what he said. i have bye-bye working hard in sacramento -- i have been working hard in sacramento to change this. you have chosen a way of protest that i can not support. >> [ booing ] >> just after the vice chancellor made that statement a police officer came out, and declared this was an unlawful assembly and told everybody they had to leave or they might be arrestd and might be penlized if they are students here at the university and
they are correctly reporting the conclueses. >> japan asked the u.s. for help dealing with multiple reactors at multiple locations. obmonday another hydrogen explosion sent a gray cloud into the sky and forces hundreds to flee. >> i was told the plant was safe from tsunamis. >> reporter: those assuranced washed away. four days later new home video shows the wall of water devouring everything in its path. >> i saw the water and i ran. the water was chasing me like that. >> when the tsunami came i thought i was going to die but we did what we could together. we had no power for two days and we were really concerned. >> reporter: while the threat of earthquakes still exist, finding food can be difficult. electricity, communications intermittent and gas lines miles long. >>> the latest explosion that plant -- only 50-gallons of water per minute are needed to cool the reactor. something is going wrong. it overeats even after three days of cooling. >> if i had to guess, maybe it's a 10% chance of it happening. something like that. >> what could produce a significant radiation hazards, 200,000 peop
will be in arizona on the 17th. >>> u.s. defense secretary robert gates visited afghanistan today saying the u.s. is on track to begin reducing forces there this summer but also indicated a willingness to keep the troops in afghanistan after the planned end to fighting in 2014. >>> 2 weeks before the jury selection is set to begin, barry bonds lost a legal round in his perjury case. a judge ruled that several current and former baseball players will be able to testify that his personal trainer provided them with performance- enhancing drugs. lawyers for bonds said since anderson has refused to testify he cannot corroborate the players' testimony. >>> a 47-year-old man is hospitalized but is said to be improve afghanistan a vicious beating at a cal train -- improving. after a vicious beating at a cal train station. the victim is in critical condition and his family asked his name not be released. >>> to san francisco where prosecutors decided they will not charge woman with murder. 58-year-old tonya reigns and edwardhawk was arrested on suspicious of burglary. the owner, magneson was shot, but th
is snow on top of snow on top of snow. ken pritchett made it to blue canyon and shows us the treacherous conditions on the road. >> reporter: this one shot tells the story. a semi truck had just exited interstate 80, his trailer twisted and he was stopped. it took several tries to dislodge him. the truck drivers were not alone. >> we will turn you around. >> reporter: the driver of this mercedes plowed into a snow bank, losing control on a downhill slope. >> i think he might have been going a little fast. >> reporter: there have been many spinouts accidents but that is not on. >> we had reports of a snow slide onto the freeway and hit a car up by cisco grove. >> reporter: heavy snow and strong winds caused blowing snow to the race visibility at times -- to erase visibility at times. it was a low snow, at around 2500 feet. this man is driving up and expects a long day. >> probably up to four or five hours at least. >> reporter: that is if the he made it before the interstate was closed. interstate 80 was shut down and remains closed. it is covered in snow with whiteout conditions. ken pri
. some viewers sent us photos, and this shot shows the damage done to the dongs. we are told most of the piers there have damage. 3,000 vessels have been destroyed. we have heard reports of a tsunami surge has high as 8 feet. >> san mateo is one of eight counties under a state of emergency. the governor issued the emergency declaration for santa cruz, delnorte and other counties. >>> in pacifica, the beach remains closed as a precaution, but the evacuation order has been lifted for the people in the low lying areas in the coast. people in cars seeking higher ground caused a traffic jack at highway 35 and 92. a dozen people checked into an evacuation center in pacifica. the classes were canceled in the school as a precaution. surfers road waves under golden gate bridge today and called the powerful waves unpredictable. one of the surfers told us he couldn't tell what the tide was doing. on a normal day they can. the coast guard kept a close eye on the lineup, and some stayed closer to shore than usual. >>> police did their best to keep away from the wall when the damage was at the
around and wants to use a vacant school for that purpose. jana katsuyama inside for a community meeting is underway right now. >> reporter: i just stepped out of this meeting which was getting pretty heated and intense. neighbors say they wants more input and information about the school districts plan. the school building sits empty at 1357th avenue. now the san francisco school district wants to make an alternative school. they want to ensure that the students are respectful of residents. >> i have two young kids who live close to the school. it is a safety issue. kids have to go to school somewhere. >> it had got to be somewhere. there would be concerned if there would be filing kids running around. >> reporter: school officials held a community meeting and outlined a plan to relocate the principal center collaborative and expanded avenue site to offer internships and alternative models of. >> we want to make it a supporter of experience and look at their access and how we can make them be positive community members. >> we did a massive limited e- mail to all of the families here so
of those residents suffered a stroke. they used a four-wheel drive vehicle to reach the woman and then had to carry her 100 yards through the mud to get to a waiting ambulance. at this hour we are awaiting word on her condition. >>> in other landslide in mountain view has forced three families out of their mobile home. they are at the sahara mobile village on the edge of stevens creek. they say that mobile homes are at risk of sliding into the creek. >>> there are two meetings plan to help the people affected by a landslide. one meeting is taking place with another set tomorrow at noon. six homes have been yellow tagged since the coast i started movie last week. they will address questions about who will pay for the damage and the request for emergency assistance from the state. i hillside began sliding seven days ago. take a look at how different the area looked last week. many of the trees you see here have been removed and a lot more mud and debris has slid down the hill. they may see even more landslides, perhaps even months out. as maureen naylor reports it leaves homeowners in diffic
to their highest in years. they used high-grade plastic to patch cracks me led the north -- in the levee north of sacramento. >>> the custer county sheriff's department onto the body of 58- year-old john hoffman at a run at the sugar bowl ski resort. he wasn't experts here. his body showed no signs of trauma and an autopsy was scheduled. >>> a man was with a friend when the avalanche hits. the victim suffered injuries to his chest and face. >>> in yosemite there is no estimate on when roads into the park will be open following a weekend storm. most visitors have left the park. it park officials said generators are providing power and most guestrooms do not have any heat or hot water. the rockslide broke a power pole carrying hd powerline and it will have to fly in a replacement. >>> you can get updates anytime by clicking the storm watch tab on our homepage, ktvu.com. >>> some positive news tonight for japan. electricity is reconnected to all six connectors at the fukushima dai-ichi nuclear plants. a magnitude six quake struck northeast japan about four hours ago and has not cost any more dama
. the sheriff's department said they arrested seven other people on unrelated charges. >>> the u.s. unemployment rate fell in february to its lowest level in nearly 2 . the jobless rate is 8.9%. the u.s. economy gained 192,000 jobs last month. california gained jobs as well mostly in construction and manufacturing. employers say the labor market may have finally turned the corner. >> last month we saw a big up serge and now up about 50% over where we were last year. we're getting a lot of forward orders for two or three month frs now, and there is more confidence that they're letting us know ahead of time. >> california's next job reporte out in 2 weeks. >>> change might be coming to our wallet. a government watch dog agency is pushing for the u.s. to phase out $1 bills. reeta williams live where why the switch might put more money into the pockets of tax pairs. >> gasia, they say doing away we dollar bill and replacing it with coins could save uncle sam a lot of money. >> how do you feel about that? >> we're all for it. we would love to have the dollar bill go away. >> matt bowers says that the
checking the area and we have resources from other agencies assisting us at this time. >> authorities have not released a photo of the suspects be he was driving a red 1991 honda civic. >>> police are taking an initial step releasing surveillance video be the incident played out in early january on oakville -- oakland road. janine de la vega explains why police need your help. >> reporter: they shows a man wearing a bulletproof vest chasing after the club owner. the man struggled with sanchez who tries to get away. during the melee three other men were shot and killed. >> he is basically menacing the victim with a pistol. he attempts to drag him out of the club. >> reporter: another portion of the surveillance video shows more of a struggle. police say the suspect came into the bar with two other men who are not seen in the video with he intends to kidnap sanchez. >> we are surmising that it is some type of a drug type debt and that narcotics are involved. >> reporter: video shows the man pulling sanchez outside the club and the suspects was him and leads in the getaway car. the man in the
a series of storms moved through northern, california bringing us more wind, rain, and snow into the northeast a possible tornado could we have pictures of damage to three homes in williams in calousa county. a funnel cloud touched down here. you can see the damage here. the twister also hit a mobile home a short distance away and no one was hurt. >>> residents got an update late today out of work to clear a massive landslide. at a community meeting authorities say they are planning to dump crushed rock on a footpath so vehicles may also get to know. a truck filled with medical supplies and a firefighting equipment try to make its way to 33 homes cut off from the main road. >> this was pretty thick brush. the ground was real soggy. the rain last night and this morning have not helped at all. >> the rain is hampering efforts to assess the landslide continued to be dry for geologists to survey the structure. >>> people and oakland are keeping a watchful eye. the public works department cleaned up the rock and mudslide today. >>> today's storm triggered a slew of car wrecks on
to a federal grand jury when he told them in 2003 that he never knowingly used steroids. the jury pool included about 100 bay area men and women who had filled out a 63 question questionnaire dealing with their background and familiarity with bonds and steroids use in court. >> they will end up everyone i have been strong feelings about him personally one way or another. >> reporter: one juror one i would be reluctant to render a judgment against a great athlete like bonds. but one flight attendant said that the experiences serving ballplayers on flights meant she could not be fair to bonds. eight men and for women had been ceded by 2:30. >> we were interested in people who would be comfortable and following the instructions. >> reporter: opening statements begin tomorrow morning and the trial is expected to last four weeks. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> a murder trial got under way today. after the jury was chosen, the prosecutor delivered her opening statement and -- her opening statement which did the man who is accused of shooting daily. >> he has lied before and he is lying ag
. what is his showed us today where they found him crying for help. >> he was screaming and screaming that he was badly hurt. >> reporter: this neighbor says her uncle rushed outside to help the victims. >> he was saying help, help. he said, somebody hit him. >> reporter: they are looking for a white minivan, possibly a plymouth voyager. david garcia's family says they hope someone will step forward and catch help that -- catch that hit and run driver. jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. >> that is the second hit and run in the past two weeks p.m. another case involves an 18- year-old girl as she walked on fontaine road. police say the vehicle drives in the pavement for 2008. >>> police dropped a bombshell today in the case of philip and nancy garrido. nancy garrido's attorney says the couple has confessed in hopes of reaching a plea bargain could phillip garrido was facing 440 years in prison remains a great 241 years -- nancy garrido faces 241 years. >> we will have to argue, you know, stockholm syndrome. >> neither phillip garrido's attorney or prosecutors would comment you can he
. >> they say there is no concern that radiation from japan will drift into the u.s. but that has not stopped people from trying to stock up on potassium iodide. children are most at risk. it does not protect other organs. pharmacies and other suppliers say they are sold out. in just a few minutes we will have a complete report including an agency in the bay area. jana katsuyama is in tokyo right now. she was talking to her newsroom earlier when a 6.1 earthquake rocks japan. >> the computer started swaying back and forth. the whole room was moving could we have an aftershock which really felt big. it is difficult to relax because you never know when another will be coming. >> you can read jana's blog on our website at ktvu.com. >>> each day we see more stunning images. a photographer took this picture of a house floating several miles two days after the earthquake and tsunami struck. this was taken from a navy helicopter searching for survivors. >> the defense department released this video at an airbase in northern japan. military personnel were taking cover. the tsunami devastated a large
and prosecutors say bonds lied when he said he did not knowingly used steroids be his lawyer says his client is eager including his name. his former trainer, greg anderson, has served more than a year for declining to testify in the case. >>> on capitol hill lawmakers have their first opportunity to question pg&e about the san bruno pipeline blast beat karol hahn reports on day one of three days of hearings. >> reporter: reaction about pg&e's policy not to quit many gas pipelines with remote shutoff valves. they said the most damage from the rupture usually occurs in the first 30 seconds for his proof was evidence provided by the oil and gas pipeline industry. >> it is absolutely outrageous. you have a responsibility to the public not to the industry. >> reporter: when asked whether an automatic shutoff valve would have reduced the 1.5 hours it took pg&e to turn off the gas, the engineer admitted that an automatic valve would have closed in 15 minutes. >> to shut off the valves, yes, we could shut off the valves sooner. >> reporter: pg&e said even if automatic shutoff valves have been instal
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